Monday, April 23, 2012

In an attempt to catch up...

School. Baseball. School. Baseball. Baseball. Baseball. School. Baseball. Dentist appointments. Field trip. Check-ups for Mac's ears. Doctor's appointment to make sure Grant doesn't have mono (thank goodness he was negative). Another field trip. Birthdays. And somewhere in there is housework, laundry (which is still mountainous) and general duties of being a wife and momma.

There. That catches you up. :)

We have had a fun week and weekend celebrating our many April birthdays. I hope to be back soon with full details. For now I'll leave you with a few snapshots.
That's Grant. Love sleeping babies.
Sweet Reid, hanging tough at the ball field. He's a trooper.
Listening intently to Coach David. If you knew David, you'd be
listening intently too. :) Outlaws are having a great season so far.
Love that Sissy could watch her brothers play lots of baseball this weekend.
B wanted to take the boys to school this morning (her Spring Break is this week) so I was able to enjoy a full cup of coffee (in my new coffee cup - thanks Snuggs!) while posting a little update. She will be back soon and then we're off to enjoy the day together. Not bad for a Monday. :)

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Angie said...

Happy late a few days, birthday to you!! And y'all have a TON of birthdays in your family this month. Love the snapshots..and you know I love sleeping babies. I bet the boys love B taking them to school, so fun! love ya-xoxo