Tuesday, March 20, 2012

How was your weekend?

Ours was great!! How could it not be with this weather!?! All weekend we enjoyed blue, sunny skies and temps in the mid 80's. Perfection!

I picked up Reid from preschool Friday and had a little time to kill before an appointment. Reid wanted to go to the library. When we got there the parking lot was full. What a blessing that turned out to be! We had to drive past the library toward the river and discovered a hidden gem (at least to us) right here in Wetumpka. We've been to this park at night for Christmas on the Coosa, but we've never ventured that way during the day. I'm not sure why - just haven't.

It is absolutely beautiful, and I can assure you there will be many more walks along the Coosa in our future.

After I got my hair cut, as Reid and I were getting back in the car I felt someone "goose" me right in the side. I turned around and there stood my beautiful B. I didn't expect her until later that evening, but she left early and knew where I would be so she came to surprise me. So sweet and I love it when I don't know she's on the road because then I won't worry. :)

Grant had a practice game in Holtville Saturday. Mac had practice in Wetumpka at the same time. Since Grant's practice was a game he really wanted Sissy to see him play. Mimi was so sweet to take Mac to his practice and spend some time with just Mackey so that Sissy, Reid and I could go to Grant's scrimmage.
I have absolutely no pictures from this and it makes me sad. :(

We met back up with Meems to get Mac and headed home for our first swim of this year.
Sissy had had enough of the sun by this time, but she did have one request for the evening:  Chris' salmon for dinner. So Chris headed to Montgomery to fulfill that request. By the time he got back a friend had called to ask him to go to dinner so he left us with strict instructions on how to cook it. I don't know if we're chef material or just good at following directions, but our dinner of salmon and asparagus was absolutely delicious. We ate all of it. Every.single.bit. The boys were tuckered out after a full day of sun, so we tucked them into bed early with a movie and watched a movie of our own until Chris got back. The movie sucked (My Week with Marilyn - just wasn't good to us) but I always love girl time.

Sunday we decided to head to Selma/Marion Junction to Chris' parent's place so the boys could fish. I say boys because Sissy is not into the great outdoors and fishing isn't something she particularly enjoys. However, since it has been a long while since Big Daddy and Grandmama Norton have seen her we decided it would be fun for Chris to go ahead with Grant and Mac, and Sissy and I would follow with Reid later in Sissy's car. That way B could visit with the Nortons for a bit then head to her Grandmommy (yes, she still calls Sandy that and I love it) and Pop's house to visit them as well before heading north.

I don't know how I have no pictures of my girl from this weekend. I guess when she's here I want to soak up every minute with her so it just doesn't occur to me to get my camera. Well, that and I always hear "MOOOOOMMMMMMM" when I do. We'll have to work on that. :)

But since I found some treasures while cleaning out the inside office I thought I lost, here's a sweet one of her I love:
We had a great visit with Grandmama Norton. We toured her sewing room, saw the quilt she's making for the boys, Reid found his stash of toys, and we drank homemade lemonade while catching up. Reid didn't last long. He couldn't stand knowing his brothers were at the pond so he made the trek by himself. Big Daddy came back up to the house for a bit and of course provided many laughs. He's a mess. So is Louise. You put those two together (for almost 41 years now) and it's a riot. Bethany and I joked it was a glimpse into my and Chris' future in about 30 years. :) After Bethany left Grandmama stayed behind to make us cookies and Big Daddy took me down to the pond. Chris and the boys were all out in the boat.
BD and I fished from the bank for a while - we had a little luck. This was our view.
It wasn't too long before the boys (and Chris in the boat with the boys) were ready to call it a day. I guess so. By that time they had caught around 70 or so fish.
I love how they all three ran to me like they hadn't seen me in forty forevers.

We made our way back to the house for cookies. After a little breather Chris wanted to go back out in the boat once more. The boys stayed behind so he and I could go together. Chris caught 6 or 7 more. I caught none. I think he gave me the bunk rod and reel and/or lure while he fished with the good one (because he knows I wouldn't know the difference) just so he could say he caught more. ha! I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that I go fishing roughly 2 times a year and consider it a good day when I leave without getting my line caught in a tree. All total we caught 85 fish. They're small, perfect for filleting and eating. We can't wait to go back.

See!?! I told you my weekend was great.

Happy Spring!


The Sewell Family said...

Sounds like perfection! Still can't believe Bethany is old enough to drive!!

Jessica Bowman said...

Oh my goodness when I scrolled down and saw that picture of Bethany it brought tears to my eyes. That pic reminds me of that summer I baby-sat her a lot. Time flies!

Angie said...

YEP--Pefecto to me! Look at B how beautiful she is. I love that she surprises you from time to thoughtful, just like her Momma! Love the photos-Great memories with your family! love xoxo