Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

The day without glaze.

Oh Krispy Kreme, you let me down. I never thought I would utter such profanity.

How can you present your beautiful, special Valentine's heart-shaped donuts with icing and sprinkles (both of which I personally could do without - it's all in the shape - a heart donut - with no hole - which equals one extra bite of deliciousness so who needs icing and sprinkles). But I went with the sprinkles because they're pretty and festive. And well because these weren't really technically for me anyway.

I waited with eager anticipation for Valentine's Day to arrive so I could pick these lovelies up. I headed toward the light just after 8 a.m. Tuesday morning. I had five dozen (no we didn't need the full five dozen - I planned ahead for extras... duh!) in my car before 9. I had to smell the heavenly aroma all morning until it was time for Mac's party around 1. Torture. My mouth watered as I placed a donut on each child's plate. It was hard to refrain from popping a kid or two on the back of the head when they said, "No thank you. I don't want a donut."

How could you not want a donut? That's just not normal.

I decided I would have one during Mac's party and of course would have another during Grant's party which immediately followed. I didn't want to be rude. 

The moment had finally come. Everyone in Mac's class had a plate full of goodies and were pumping themselves full of sugar. It was my turn. Time to indulge. Mmmmmm. I couldn't wait. Look at these things.
Well looks are deceiving.

I took one bite and... NO GLAZE. What the??? NO glaze? I don't care if you put icing on them, dip them in chocolate, roll them in sprinkles then rinse and repeat. You gotta glaze them first. What's a donut without glaze? I'll tell you what it is, it's a big fat letdown is what it is. Which, in the grand scheme of things I guess is better than a big fat ass - B said it was a sign. :( We're both trying to exercise more and make healthier food choices. Although you wouldn't have known that had you been a fly on the wall Sunday and saw that I we dusted off almost an entire batch of Paula Deen's gorilla bread. Weekend calories don't count, right!?! Baby steps.

The stupid unglazed dumb no-glaze heart donuts with sprinkles and icing (as if those two things could take the place of glaze) were a hit with the kids, though. I forced myself to finish the one I bit into but oh what sadness filled my unglazed heart. Have I mentioned the heart-shaped donuts from Krispy Kreme weren't glazed? Because they weren't.

Thankfully my sweet Valentine made up for it.

Last week Chris surprised me with a Keurig. To be honest it's not something I thought I would ever want. Until I got one. Now I really heart my Keurig.
So does B. Especially after we discovered they make green tea K-cups in the same brand Starbucks uses to make theirs. We were on a mission this weekend to perfect her "iced green tea extra-sweet" that she is hooked on gets in Decatur where she's a few short minutes from anything. However, we are 30 minutes from the nearest Starbucks so she goes into a bit of withdrawals when she's here. :) A stop by Bed, Bath & Beyond for the K-cups then a stop by Starbucks for their Classic Syrup (where they were so sweet to include a pump, without which B was sure our efforts would fail) and we made our way home.
I'm happy to report it was a success. After a little trial and error we figured out what size cup and which setting worked best as well as how many pumps of syrup it needs. I'm still not completely sold on the whole green tea thing but I'm beginning to acquire a taste for it. And as far as K-cups and coffee, I'm really picky about my coffee so for me the reusable K-cup which allows me to fill it with my own brand of coffee has been my favorite. The boys love it too - we've had more hot chocolate this past week than the whole winter. :) Needless to say the Keurig is a winner!

My guy didn't forget me on the actual day either although I neither anticipated nor expected to receive anything. He brought home some beautiful roses which actually smelled like roses - a hard find for some reason. And they weren't red - thank goodness. :) I love fresh flowers on the island in the kitchen.
But the best thing Chris gave me was something that can't be bought. Tuesday morning after I left the house he sent me a text that just said, "Happy valentines day. I love u." I got butterflies. I know. It sounds so silly and corny and I can't believe I just typed that but I love that he can still make me feel like a giddy school girl. So simple. So unexpected. So sweet. That alone would have been more than enough.

All the K-cups and donuts in the world can't make me feel like that.

Well... the "Hot Now" sign runs a close second. haha! I am normally the girl who rolls her eyes at the corniness that goes along with Valentine's Day, but what's to snub about a day to make your loves feel especially loved.

I'll close with a few pictures from the boys' parties.
Notice he couldn't wear red without making sure he wore his
Auburn sports necklace with it. His PE coaches would have
given him a hard time had he not. :)
Mrs. Schweers & Bueller
We sure hope the tradition continues next year with Reid
Sweet brothers
I hope your day was as sweet as ours.


The Sewell Family said...

Brian bought me a Keurig for our anniversary. I agree, not something I would have bought myself BUT I love it. We also drank way too much hot chocolate this winter. I didn't know about the reusable cups. I will be buying those soon. That makes it much more 'frugal' for this girl. Brian bought me roses too...but mine were red :) Love you! Let me know when your Spring Break is.

Ford Family said...

We "heart" our Keurig, too!!!