Thursday, February 2, 2012

One last hunting post for this season

Well Grant ended the hunting season one-up on Mac. Mac hunted his little heart out the last few days of the season to no avail. I think the deer get smart toward the end of the season.

Not all of them, though. Oh no. Not the one Grant shot. He was, well... let's just say he was special.

A friend of Chris', Steve, invited Chris to take Grant hunting on his property. He said he had been seeing an 8 point in the field that would be a good deer for Grant. Well Grant didn't get the chance to shoot that deer, but he did bag a 9-point.
Wouldn't you know I cut the deer's head out of this picture.
Oh well, it shows the most important part. 
And not just any 9-point I tell you. This deer was a dwarf. I kid you not. A dwarf deer. Apparently they're very rare. Ya think!?! It only weighed about 110 lbs. It was 5-6 years old. It had short stumpy legs (I'm laughing as I type this), as well as a short face. He was also missing most of his teeth - didn't realize Elmore County produced redneck deer too. HA!

Dwarf or not you couldn't tell it by the horns. Grant was one happy hunter (and Chris was a proud papa), and we can't wait for Granddaddy to work his magic on a mount.

Speaking of mounts, Grant also killed a five-point earlier in the season. Jack the Taxidermist brought the finished product over this past week.
I think we're going to need to turn the play room into a trophy room before too long.

More so than trophies on the wall, what I love about the hunting season is the time Chris and the boys spend together. However, I would be lying if I didn't admit I'm glad it's over for now. It's nice to have my guys home in the afternoons. Not to mention I got my chef back. :)

One more thing so I don't forget it.

Grant has been sick this week. When I picked him up Monday from school the moment I saw him I knew he had fever. He missed school Tuesday. He toughed it out yesterday since he woke up without fever but went to bed early last night.

Back to Tuesday. Reid woke up fine and dandy Tuesday morning but as soon as he found out Grant was staying home from school he tried everything in the book to stay home as well. However, it's tax time so there was no way I could get any work done with two of them at home. He tried it all from my stomach hurts to my head hurts to I don't feel good to I feel like I have fever, etc., etc., etc. None of those worked so in a last ditch effort to tug on the ol' heartstrings he said, "But momma, my heart hurts when I don't stay home with you."

Good try, Turbo. It almost worked.
Hard to resist that :)


Ford Family said...

Oh my gosh, can't believe you were able to resist that precious boy! ; ) enjoy your boys home this weekend! xoxo!

Angie said...

awe poor little turbo~Precious little face! I would have like to have seen that drawf deer standing ;) xo love ya! Thanks for the comment. You are right, but you know it was weird that it was hit so many time and not one said--eww gross, shoes on the counter, spinach by the backback on the dryer. haha! Good week to y'all!!