Friday, February 10, 2012

After seeing that picture I think I need to chaperone

That's what Granddaddy texted Bethany after seeing this picture of her the night of her formal. I think we all felt that way.

It's still so hard to believe B is old enough for these type things. But I guess it's not possible for a toddler to be wearing a mini dress and four-inch heels, huh? (Well, aside from the whole Toddlers &Tiaras thing - "A dolla makes me holla honey boo-boo." baahahahaha If you don't know what I'm talking about please YouTube what I quoted and it will come up).

I digress.

Yet more proof that my baby girl is growing up. {Sigh}.

It was time once again for JUG's winter formal. Time to head north. Time for lunch at Panera (that one's a given), a shellac manicure (which turned out fabulous), and a trip to Target to remedy the last-minute, "Uh, mom... I never got any earrings to wear with my dress." Finally it was time for hair and makeup. And of course, pictures.
Excuse my bare feet - someone opened the flood gates...all day.
My shoes were soaking wet. Not to mention, I just hate shoes
B & Snuggie
Getting out some last-minute jitters before Wallsboro showed up :)
B & William
Isn't she beautiful! He thought so too. 
I think it's time for an upgrade - this was the best
picture I could get of lead out. Boo :(
After lead out all the girls leave to change into their band party dresses and head back to dance the night away. No pictures of that as I guess it would be pretty lame for parents to be a part of that. :) Speaking of lame, Bethany used that word to describe the band. She made it home about an hour before her curfew. No complaints here. We were texting that morning and I wrote, "Well did you not have fun at all?" She replied, "No it was awful. The band was so bad it was embarrassing. Like seriously they were playing Michael Jackson." Ok, guess it makes me lame that I think that sounds like a pretty fun band. HA!

I used the word "lame" way too much in the previous paragraph. Lame.

Again, I digress. :)

Days like that also mean at least 6 hours in a car, the return trip being after lead out which STARTS at 8 p.m. Y'all, that is so late. It also means a few hours of killing time between when B and her date go to dinner and lead out. I knew I needed at least one of my cronies with me. And by cronies I mean sisters. Last winter formal both of my sisters accompanied me, and we had hoped to make it a tradition. However, Rachel had prior commitments. Since it was for an Emmaus walk we forgave her. Thankfully Snuggie was able to get off of work to not only keep me company but also thoroughly entertained. We're never short of laughs when we're together.

To Dawnie, thanks for going with me. You know how much it means. ;) To Chris, thank you for understanding how important things like this are to me and for taking the day to spend with our boys while I spend it with my girl. Coming home to you and my boys (especially with a UFC fight on - SCORE!)... well there's nothing like it. I never want it any other way. I love you.

And to my beautiful B, you make me proud. I love you so very much. I wish you could see yourself through my eyes.

Happy Friday!


Ford Family said...

Well, did you have to make te end a tear jerker?!?! ;) love you mucho!

Mary Carter said...

A.) She looks to grown up. Make it stop. Lock her in her room. Do whatever you have to do. Just make it stop!!!

B.) I need to hear about this fellow she went with.

C.) I miss y'all. So when i show up on your door step with a Vera bag, don't be shocked.:)

Love you muches!