Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas on the Coosa; Salt Dough Handprints and Ornaments (unfinished)

The children were nestled all snug on the couch watching Good Luck Charlie, It's Christmas so momma has a little time to blog...

Yesterday was Wetumpka's annual Christmas on the Coosa. We've lived here almost 8 years and have never been. My mom has never been either and decided to go this year. She asked if she could take the boys. Chris was in Indiana hunting and since B was home I thought it would be fun for us all to go. If you're from Selma the best way I can describe it is Market Day meets Christmas parade meets 4th of July fireworks. There were various activities throughout the day, vendors, and a street parade. Once it was dark there was a boat parade on the Coosa River followed by one of the best fireworks shows I've ever seen. I think I say that about every fireworks show I go to. I love love love fireworks. Apparently Reid shares my love of a sky full of lights. During the show he said, "I wanna live here all da time." :) It was cooooold. So cold. But it was a clear and beautiful day.

All pictures are from my phone because my memory card is MIA.
I hope we make this a tradition.

As I was getting ready this morning for early church Mac came in my bathroom saying he didn't feel well. He was running a fever and coughing. Since he's already nursing an ear infection (We were in the pediatrician's office Friday. His pediatrician took one look in his ear and said, "That's one nasty ear infection - he has blisters on his eardrum.") I knew we had better stay home. It was "Jammies for Jesus" day at my parent's church so Grant and Reid still wanted to go. It's not every Sunday you get to wear your pajamas to church. ;) My mom was kind enough to stop by and pick them up. While they were gone the Motrin kicked in for Bueller - that stuff is magic - and he was raring to go. I knew we would need to be inside for the day, and so began my quest for an indoor activity/craft.

I came across salt dough ornaments and knew that was what I wanted to try. We've never done them so I did a quick little research on the google and found a recipe I thought would suit what we wanted to do. The recipe I used was:

Salt Dough
4 c. flour
1 c. salt
1 1/2 c. warm water

For us it took a little more water than the recipe called for.
The boys each did their handprint. I made two holes in the top so I can hang them.
Then we made some ornaments. I don't have any cookie cutters so we either cut around a template or free-handed. So these are very homemade. :) They have taken way longer to cook than called for, but I think the recipe I followed suggested making lots of smaller ornaments. In that case I'm sure they would've been done in about an hour. I have had the handprints in the oven at 250˚ for 3 hours and they're still not done. Once they're done and have cooled we will paint them. I can promise you it won't be today, though. ;) With daddy out of town this momma is about spent for one day.

Hopefully when we get around to finishing them I will find the time to post pictures. But who knows when that will be.

'Tis the season...


Angie said...

Fun Christmas memories! I had a some gals over Friday for salt dough ornaments and they do not look as lovely as y'alls!! How did you get them so

Shea said...

Oh those are so cute! Can't wait to see the finished product!!