Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Bueller Bags One

Mr. Competitive could take it no more. Ever since Grant and Sissy got their first deer last season Mac has had the fever. He understood last year he was too small/young, but he kept telling us this year he was ready - that this was his year. To be honest we still didn't really think he was ready.
Leave it to Bueller to prove us all wrong. Yesterday my four guys headed to the hunting land in hopes of seeing a shooter for Grant.

At first it was just going to be Chris and Grant. Then Reid decided he wanted to tag along too. Mac hasn't been wanting to go much this year because he said he wasn't going unless and until he could shoot, as was the case yesterday. However, a little talk between Chris and Grant about a trip to Academy beforehand as well as candy and pizza, and he changed his tune a bit.

I bet he's glad he did.

Chris and Grant went hunting the other day and watched a spike. That same spike was in the field when they got in the stand yesterday. Chris got Grant's attention and mouthed, "Do you want to let Mac shoot it?" Grant being the sweet big brother that he is (and his sister and brothers' biggest "cheerleader")  said, "YES!" So Chris asked Mac if he wanted to shoot it. Of course he wanted to. While I'm not a proponent of killing spikes I was really glad Chris let him. Mac climbed up in his daddy's lap, got the gun situated where he was comfortable with it, and watched the deer through the scope for a while. Chris coached him for a bit and told him to shoot when he was ready. I think they took the safety off three different times before he finally felt ready. :) The fourth time he took the shot. It was a perfect shot. Chris said they watched to make sure he was down then Mac, beaming and grinning like a cheshire cat, looked at Chris and said, "YESSSSS!"
If he looks like he's about to throw up or pass out in that
picture it's because he is. He has a very weak stomach
and said the smell was "Ewwww-wee NAAASTY," and
that he was holding his breath the whole time. :)
That's one proud little 6-year-old deer slayer. Way to go, Mac!

Ok Granddaddy, break out the tools because your Mac-man is requesting a European mount. ;)

Christmas post coming soon... It honestly was the best Christmas yet. So.Very.Blessed.


Ford Family said...

Yay Mackie!!!

Angie said...

haha~He is a little greenish-poor Mac and YAY Mac all in one :) Hope y'all had a Merry Christmas!