Saturday, December 24, 2011

All Things Christmas

So much to do and blog about this time of year yet so little time in which to get it all done.

A few pictures with captions so I won't forget...
Our elf, Jasper appeared a few days after Thanksgiving.
The boys loved the TP on the tree
And that Jasper confirmed he's an Auburn fan
However, Jasper says he's ready to go back to
the NP because he's running out of ideas
Talking with Santa and Mrs. Claus at school
Polar Express Day - so fun to wear jammies to school
Field trip to see some locals in a Christmas play
They thought it was really fun seeing some of their friends perform
Lots of fun Christmas festivities at school
Grant's teacher commented at the class party,
"If only the world were filled with Grants..." :)
He's one kind-hearted, special little man.
The MacDaddy haha
In Kindergarten you can never party enough -
one more to round out 2011
A visit with Santa at the mall - the boys decided
he's the REAL Santa, not just a helper dressed in a suit
We've enjoyed lots of quality time with daddy lately
Even "helping" him while he goes over a set of plans
And building a very homemade Nativity
As soon as we figure out how to make Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus
out of sticks we'll be done. :) 
Enjoying our tree which is overflowing with homemade
ornaments - the best kind!
So thankful my real-live little elf made it safely home :)
It was a long trip with Granddaddy's present...
And maybe the most amazing part of all of this (aside from the fact that she actually okay'd the whole Toby thing)
is that I think my mom (who, if you only knew, is so NOT a dog person) may just like him a wee little bit. Maybe. Just a lil' bit. But shhh. Don't tell her I said that.

Christmas Countdown says...
Merry Christmas Eve!


Shea said...

Merry Christmas sweet friend! Love you!!!

The Sewell Family said...

Love all the sweet smiles in the pictures! So glad to see everyone doing well. Merry Christmas! Love you!