Monday, April 11, 2011


Three games in and that's our team's nickname. :)

Winning isn't everything.

It's the only thing.

HaHa!! I'm only kidding (sorta). This league has been dubbed "daddy ball." And rightfully so. When you're the team everyone wants to beat it makes victory even sweeter, especially when there are smack-talking parents and coaches on the opposing teams. Y'all, I've never in my life. First it was that we cheated in the draft. Um, have you ever been involved in the so-called "draft" for 5 and 6 year olds? It's quite possibly more scrutinized than MLB, minus the agents and salaries.

Then it was that we weren't using the pitching machine on the right setting which of course meant that we cheated in the first two games because no one else in the league was running the score up like we were. So before the game this past Saturday, Chris got a new pitching machine and showed up to the game with the new machine and a baseball radar gun. He asked the league president to be there as well as the coach for the other team so they could all set the pitching machine together and make sure it's throwing 32 mph like it's supposed to.

There. Everyone happy now?

We beat them 11-2.

See?!? SUH-WEET!

Here's a strange concept: We actually practice. As in we have either had practice, a practice game or a real game at least three times a week since we have had a team. If you know Chris you know that when he's into something, he goes ALL in. Of course this is no different. It involves baseball and his own sons. HELLO! And he's a good coach. Our boys have worked hard to become the team we have become, and we are all very very proud of them. We have a great group of boys with great parents. With the exception of a couple of them, every player on the team wants to be there. We have one little boy in particular who could barely swing the bat the first day of practice. He now hits the ball every single time he gets up to bat. They love baseball. They want to get better. They enjoy winning.

They are also five and six years old. Maybe even more so than winning they enjoy finding the parent responsible for snacks that day and seeing what treat they have in store for them. It's all relative.

Since I've been out of commission for a bit (lightning took out not only our computer but the wireless router and the compressor in one of our A/C units... good times) I still have pictures to post from opening day:

Since Norton Vinyl doesn't have a logo Chris came up with their uniform:

I took this picture because I love seeing Norton on the back. I realized when I posted it that it looks like they're in trouble and I made them put their nose against the wall. :)



Ms. Vines, Grant's teacher, was so sweet to come to one of his games. She said she would come on one condition:  That he take a picture with her. He obliged but Professor is not a fan of the camera.
Don't think for a second Turbo is missing out. He has his own bat and glove and Chris is practicing with him every time he practices with the other two. He doesn't care much about watching the games though. He's too busy flirting with the pretty little sisters of the boys on the team. But when we're home he's all about keeping up with his big brothers.

I realize this is yet another baseball post. But right now we eat, breathe and sleep baseball so I'm quite sure there will be many more baseball posts in my future. This was the boys yesterday at 7:45 am.
I think I'll borrow Mossy Oak's slogan and say, "It's not a passion. It's an obsession." :)

One last thought for this Monday morning...

I was at Eastchase Friday in search of some type of cropped/capri pants. I don't own a single pair, and it was going to be in the high 80s Saturday. Being that shorts are not even in the realm of possibility (I would blind someone) and the 3 pair of jeans I have that are in constant rotation week in and week out would probably kick my claustrophobia into overdrive after a few minutes in the heat, I had to suck it up and shop. Oh the horror. I just really hate shopping. However, seeing this as I passed Gap may have changed my mind about shopping if for nothing more than to shop for entertainment purposes.
Excuse the glare - I took the pic with my phone.  Am I the only one who thinks there are all kinds of wrong with that??? But like I said, entertaining. Dawn and I got a good laugh out of picturing Chris in a pair of those. ;)

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Go Team Norton!!! :) and the jeans..Hilarious!!