Monday, April 18, 2011


April showers may bring May flowers, but the month of April also brings about quite a few birthdays in our family: Dawn, me, Mom and Claire. Mom likes for everyone to get together to celebrate all of our April birthdays. We did that this past Saturday at mom and dad's house. With each get-together I grow more and more thankful for my family. My mom makes it a point for us all to be together. She won't have it any other way. And Big D has a way of getting what she wants. HA! :) We all truly do enjoy each other's company. We talk, laugh, eat and reminisce. Then talk, laugh and eat some more. Mom and dad cooked a delicious lunch (of course Martha was in on that too - it wouldn't be a meal without Martha's hand in it) followed by strawberry shortcake made with homemade pound cake and homemade ice cream. Between my boys, Martha's girls, and the other kids in the neighborhood who all somehow end up at Meems and Granddaddy's house, we had about ten young'ns hovering around the ice cream maker like vultures circling their prey. :)

Today is Dawn's actual birthday. I cannot tell you how much joy she brings to my life. She's a beautiful and hilarious person with a heart of gold who can be quite blunt - which makes her funny without even trying. She also, in some ways, still has a sense of innocence about her. It's what makes her our Dawnie. So here's to you, Snuggs! Happy happy day! I love you!

A few snapshots from Saturday...

Snuggs' friends, Rebecca and Kate, helped us celebrate:

The only time the kids slowed down was to open the Easter Happy's Aunt Sandra brought everyone.

We tried to get one of us girls with mom and dad. As usual, it went something like this:

And that was the better one. 

Then it was time to open gifts. Maggie's birthday is Friday so we're making her hold out until then for most of her gifts; however, Mimi couldn't do that so she let her open hers. She tore into that thing so fast no shutter speed would've been quick enough.
The John Deere tractor beach towel isn't a joke because she hearts all things JD (and of course what's on the t-shirt is no joke), but the color of those two things are. She doesn't love pink. In fact, she doesn't even like pink. Which is why it is now a joke that just about everything we get her is pink.

My turn... I LOVE my towel wrap.
I also got an umbrella (in the colors orange and blue) and a gift card to buy myself some clothes, which is pretty standard as a gift for me because everyone gets sick of seeing me in the same things over and over. :)

Then it was Mimi's turn.
I think she was excited she got a towel wrap too. She had a few other gifts as well. This is a monumental birthday for Big D. She's turning the big 6-0. And I think she looks pretty freakin' fabulous!

Grant challenged his RaRa to an arm wrestling match. Don't let him fool you. He's strong as an ox.

B channeling her inner Kate Middleton.
She'll want to kill me for posting that one, but I think it's too cute. I love that she doesn't take herself too seriously.

Two of my sweet loves:

It was a great day which was made even greater when Rachel said, "Do you want me to take the boys back to Selma with me so you can have a little break?" Ok I know that sounds awful but every mama needs a break every now and then. Mom chimed in and said she wanted to take them to the Easter Egg Hunt at her church Sunday so she would get them from Rachel, take them to church then bring them home. It's like they know just when I need to catch my breath. The boys were overjoyed and didn't miss me a bit. :) I love that they love their RaRa, GaGa, Mags and Uncle Keith so much. Martha said when they got home Uncle Keith had Pop Rocks and Fun Dip waiting on them. What's not to love about that!

They had to swing by the house on their way out so I could pack a quick bag. Reid didn't want to get out of RaRa's car.

The rest of the afternoon gave my Sweet B and me a little time to ourselves which I always love. Then Sunday came and it was time for her to head to North Alabama. It's never easy. I don't like it. But it is what it is right now. It makes the time we spend together extra special.

Sunday afternoon Chris and I enjoyed a few much-needed child-free hours with each other. We don't get too much alone time so I tend to forget how much I enjoy spending time with my man.

And lastly, because today is tax day, I would like to dedicate a Cee Lo Green song to the IRS. I'm sure you know which one I'm talking about.

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