Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Actually how it should read is a tree IN a boat:

Oh how it pains my heart to see that picture. We had been staying at Wind Creek but had to come home for a few days. We got word that the boat (which was not tied up when we left) was drifting and needed to be tied up. Some thunderstorms were in the forecast. Chris got in touch with someone who could go by there to make sure it was taken care of. It got tied up alright. Of all the trees on that big ol' lake...

It's totaled. And I'm not even lying when I say I'm mourning the loss of it. Our kids have grown up on that boat. Ok well it's not like they're grown or anything but it's the only boat they've ever known. Bethany was 9 when we got it, Grant was only a year old and I was pregnant with Mac - then of course Reid came along after that. We've had some really great family times on that boat. I know it's just a material thing but it had a lot of sentimental value, and that can never be replaced. Chris and I were talking last night about how we cannot imagine what it must have felt like for the victims of the tornadoes who lost everything. This pales in comparison so it kind of keeps it in perspective. But I'm still sad.

When I was importing the picture of the boat from my iPhone I found a few more pictures I thought were worthy of posting...
Umby and I got to shop for camper stuff at Wal-Mart... ALONE, without boys. Naturally since she was the center of attention it was her turn to ride on the back of the cart.

I mentioned how the boys love to try to catch fish in the lake first thing in the mornings when we camp. Well they were getting a little aggravated this particular morning so they each came up with their own unique way of "fishing."
Bueller waited like a knot on a log (heehee) and said he would swoop in at the right time.

Professor put the bread inside the net and stuck the net down in the water to lure the fish in.

And last but not least Turbo stuck his net in the sand and told me the fish were going to just jump right in. 
Reid keeping busy during the day while his brothers are away at baseball camp.

...because they obviously can't get enough baseball and maybe because they can't get away with this at baseball camp. :)
Mac's turn to play catcher. Big brother helps out.
What??? That's so worthy of two pictures! ha!
They may not always get along (and don't a lot of the time) but I can guarantee you they are always watching out for each other.

And because I don't want to forget, here are a few things Reid has said this week:

Yesterday he answered me a couple of times with "yes" and "no." I kindly asked him to try to find those manners of his he seemed to have lost. A little while later he was doing a really nice job using his manners so I said, "I'm lovin' those manners, Reid. You must've found them."

He replied, "Yep. I mean, yes ma'am. I did. They was on the couch." :)

As we were driving home from Wind Creek, out of the blue Reid says, "Do you know it's hard to 'wick' [lick] you armpit?"

Why no, Turbo, I guess I've never really thought about it. :)

I would like to say a belated Happy Father's Day to Big Daddy and my daddy who is the best daddy a girl could ever ask for. And also to my husband who is the glue of this family. Your three boys adore you. I love you!

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