Thursday, June 23, 2011


One of the highlights of a summer evening for me is picking vegetables from the garden. Only this year the bigger garden has been filled with its share of wasps, yellow jackets and other sting-y things so for the most part I've steered clear of pea picking (and squash and corn picking) and stuck to pea shelling. Which I love. I guess I'm just weird like that. I love sitting outside shelling my peas while I watch the boys play baseball and throw the ball with their daddy.

And then I take me a dip in the cement pond.

HA! Kidding. I just reread that first paragraph and realized it made us sound like The Clampetts... only without the oil.

It's such a sense of accomplishment, though, to go to the freezer for dinner and grab a bag of peas that we planted from seeds, grew, harvested, shelled then put up. Not to mention they're yummy! 

We planted tomatoes in stages this year. It wasn't intentional but I'm glad it happened that way. We have some in containers and have two separate above the ground gardens just for tomatoes. The boys love walking through and around the plants looking for ripe ones to pick. I know there are ton of camera/photography iPhone apps but one I found that is super easy and fun (and best of all free) is Instagram. So here are a few "Instagrammed" pictures of the boys helping out:
And one for the road just because he's so darn cute:
Not that I'm biased or anything.

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Ford Family said...

Hey! Can you bring some of those 'maters with you for our lake day?? thanks! ; )