Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Real cold. Which means we're having to find things to do indoors to pass the time. Not an easy task with three wild indian boys who love to be outside. Candy Land sounded like a great idea the other day. Sounded. As in before the game. The thought. The idea of all of us gathered around the Candy Land game in the living room, laughing and playing a wholesome game of Candy Land, just like the commercials.
Aww, see. Look at them. Playing so sweetly together. Such a warm and fuzzy feeling.

Snap! Back to reality.

What? Mac was about to win the game and had to go ALL the way back to Peppermint Forest.
Oh the horror.

Can you just imagine?

Do you even know where the peppermint is in the game?

Sweet Mackey's not gonna let some peppermint stick get the best of him, though. He rallied and came back to play some more. I think he felt vindicated when the same thing happened to Grant, only Grant had to go back to the Gingerbread man. Oh no he didn't! Well Grant has a little too much Martha in him.
So the game was as good as dead after that. Good as dead. Girls aren't the only ones who bring the drama.

As usual, Turbo couldn't care less about the game and did his best to add fuel to our drama kings' fires.
Maybe we need to have a lesson in how we don't delight in other people's misery. He thought it was quite comical how Professor takes a game of Candy Land so serious. Then again he is The Professor, so...

It didn't take too long for Grant to come back around. Especially when on almost any given evening this time of year, we can look out in the front of our house and see this: 
It's amazing how quiet and still three little boys can be when they want to be. :) Seeing the three of them standing together looking out the window watching those deer, that's my warm and fuzzy. So sweet.

Then Grant proceeds to tell Mac that if he were hunting those deer he would probably take a head shot on this one or that one because they're so close to him. He likes a challenge. Yep. Those hunting genes run deep.


Ford Family said...

Brrr...I am already wanting the cold weather to go away! love all the deer in your yard~that's a ton, but I am sure they are enjoy that green grass! :)

Tara said...

You're darn right it's cold. And while I love this time of year because of the holidays, after they're over I'm counting down the days 'til Spring!

Can't believe you look out your window to see deer like that. Somehow looking out our windows to see sidewalks and speeding cars just isn't quite as peaceful. Ha!