Wednesday, June 23, 2010


We had a short but sweet visit from Mary Carter, or Mayree as she's affectionately known to me. Or, if you ask Reid, her name sounds something like Maywwy Cah-too. My boys absolutely adore her as do I.

It was refreshing to spend time with someone so real, genuine and good-hearted. She's a mess that girl. And she cracks me up. We also cracked her up with our country, redneck ways. She found it quite amusing that we can't wait for evenings when we can coat ourselves with bug repellant and ALL get in the garden to pick tomatoes and vegetables. And that I really do have a lot of fun picking blackberries. She said corn was her favorite vegetable so of course we had corn with dinner. She again thought it was amusing when she saw me shucking some corn. :) She said, "Y'all even shuck your own corn?" Well, we grow it so if you wanna eat it, you gotta shuck it first. :) The icing on the cake for her was that we even make our own peanut butter (well, kind of - the Blendtec is a wonderful machine). She's a city girl, that MC. 

We even got introduced to a new bug:  the click beetle. 

Chris found it in the garden. It was a strange creature, and we're both a bit bug-phobic so we were not going to be satisfied until we knew exactly what kind of thing this was. I do love Google. And Google did not disappoint.  I think we both slept better.

Mayree, you are welcome back any time! 


I think not. 

Do you ever have those times when you're busy cleaning house and think your kids are busy actually playing nicely with each other because you don't hear them fighting? Then you stop in a panic and think, "The kids are quiet - THIS CANNOT BE GOOD." It also can't be good when your three-year-old son runs downstairs from playing with his older brother proclaiming with excitement, "Mommy, wook at my hair."  

Well last week was one of those times. And it wasn't. Good I mean. 

At first this is all I thought it was. 

Which was bad enough. But then I started investigating and slowly started getting more and more parts to the story. It all lead to me finding out it was Mac's idea to play host to a game of "Let's Get a Haircut" where Reid was the contestant. 

That's a lot of hair. 

And there's not much you can do with it. It's cut up to the crown in three places.  Do you see it? You really can't miss it. 

Oh that beautiful hair. I THOUGHT (famous last words) first of all that Mac knew better. And he does. Secondly I thought all the scissors were put up. Except for the blue pair in the picture above which came home in Grant's school supplies and which I had obviously forgotten about. I know it's just hair and it will grow. I saved the hair and put it in his baby book. :) I'm weird like that. I'm sure when they're older it's something we'll look back on and laugh about. But I was one upset mama at the time. And I bet Mac won't do it again!

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Anonymous said...

I loved every minute!And I loved all of your redneck ways:)You know I would just move on in if I could!I will be coming back, though.Love you much!